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A podcast committed to the amplification of creative media by artist of the African Diaspora globally. Varied Voices and Images in Art.

December 22, 2020

Episode 17: Musical Vibe Dealing with Buzby

This podcast episode is sponsored by The Catapult Caribbean Artist Showcase Grant. made possible by the American Friends of Jamaica, Fresh Milk Barbados, and Kingdom Creative. Thank you


is your neighborhood vibe dealer, who uses music as a medium to invigorate his listeners emotions through a fusion of introspective lyrics & soulful sounds.

Buzby has cemented himself as a reputable architect within Bermuda’s creative culture, making music for roughly 10 years now.

In 2013, he was awarded the Capital G Inspiration Scholarship for artistically talented students. Since then, he has released calculated singles that have been featured in Bermuda’s Top 100 (via Streaming platforms) & has received over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud from all walks of life.


He is influenced by musical icons such as OutKast, Anita Baker, Bob Marley, Jay-Z & Sade. 


2021 looks to be an impactful year for Buzby as he has released his debut EP “What You Failed to Observe”, available  December 2020.


You can listen to his music here:


You can connect with him here:



November 28, 2020

Episode 16: Art as Showcase with Neal Jhay Morris

This podcast episode is sponsored by The Catapult Caribbean Artist Showcase Grant. made possible by the American Friends of Jamaica, Fresh Milk Barbados, and Kingdom Creative. Thank you 

NealJhay a native artist of Bermuda, has embraced the artistic passion which is his drive to continue his art journey. NealJhay always carried a notebook and pencil case around with him, just in case an idea sparked in his head. After watching so many cartoons and drawing them, tracing them, he branched out to creating his own characters and even naming them. As he went through middle school and high school, his passion for art and creating grew. He attended Bermuda College, graduating with an Associates in Art and Design then continued his journey to Savannah College of Art And Design.


Due to unfortunate circumstances, he was unable to complete my studies, causing him to return back to Bermuda. “It was a bitter way for me to return to back home. As devastated as I was, I had to keep it pushing and find new avenues to venture through life!” NealJhay was able to pick up his art when he returned which led him to the Charman Prize Art Competition, hosted by Masterworks.


Masterworks awarded him the chance to feature his artwork in Homer’s Cafe which was the beginning of his art journey. This was the birth of his first showcase “Abstractuality.”   

“The amount of love and support I received from the Charman Prize and Abstractuality was enough to keep my motivation going.” The second showcase “Tra Si Efil” which is “Art Is Life” backwards was a collaborative showcase that featured 5 other local artists. 

After hosting two successful showcases, NealJhay continued to create and put a twists on his solo showcases by including models and presenting them to the crowd. “I wanted to showcase my art a little bit different from the usual ‘on the wall, come look at me’ presentation.” The showcases have been well received by the public and continuously grows. “Naked Canvas, Archipelago, No Name No Title were mind-blowing to my friends, family, continued supporters and new supporters.”

Daybreak, the most recent showcase which took place on October 4th, was a showcase that shifted his artwork and showcases to a whole new level. “To see people not only accept my presentation, but to see audience members smiling hard, proud of me, crying tears of joy or even relating to the theme was humbling.”

After closing Daybreak, NealJhay’s mind has been working towards the next showcase and near future plans, including branding. “While I continue on this journey, I will keep experiencing and expressing my emotions into my art, the good and bad. This is not only for me, but for the ones I love and aspiring creatives looking to start their creative journey.”

If you would like to connect with NealJhay you can find him on Instagram at 

November 3, 2020

Episode 15: Faith and Fashion with Designer Rochelle Minors

This Episode is sponsored by The Caribbean Artist showcase Grant with The American Friends of Jamaica and Fresh Milk Barbados Partnership!


Rochelle Minors is a Bermudian designer. She has been Designing since the age of 7 with paper dolls. She Started sewing lessons at 10 years old. And subsequently Went to Bermuda College and studied Art and Design in 2009. After graduating, she  Moved to London in 2010  to pursue Fashion. From there she Received BA in Hons with Distinction in Fashion Design. During her time in University she Worked for designers such as Lulu Liu, Mother of Pearl, Zandra Rhodes, and Net-a-porter.


She launched  Rochelle Nicole, her fashion label  in 2014 after graduation. Her collection was  Featured at Graduate Fashion Week in London and Bermuda Fashion Festival. The Windows Collection was featured in Nylon Magazine Online, Essence Magazine Online and press  in Bermuda. She continued developing her line in the uk for 4 years and then returned to Bermuda in 2018. It was this move that inspired her Relaunch of Rochelle Nicole.


Her brand debuted the Swirl Collection at Bermuda Fashion Festival Local Designer Show. She wont top prize and was able to  showcase her collection at New York Fashion Week (FGNY).

She continued with this trajectory and was Featured in RG Magazine and on the Cover of West Jet Magazine. In 2019 she also secured Store Collaborations with Orange Bay.


This year in 2020 , she Won Best of Bermuda Award - in the Local Clothing Designer Category. The corona virus pandemic called for the designing of masks. So she answered the call and created a line of masks She Partnered with Brown and Co., and they carry her masks as merchandise on island.  Rochelle is committed and dedicated to her purpose in fashion. With faith she has been able to manifest abundance and continues to create. 

She is Currently in progress of creating her SS21 Collection. 


If you would like to connect with Rochelle, You can find her online at

October 10, 2020

Episode 14: Discovering and Finding one’s Voice through the Gift of Music with Brixx

Brixx is a Bermudian songstress, song writer, and recording artist. Around the age of 7, Brixx began singing in her living room, and at family gatherings. The first time Brixx performed live on a stage was at age 13. She was a shy performer and lacked confidence in her ability, so she stopped pursing music to study Business Administration at the University of North Carolina. After graduating university, she realized that the business world wasn’t her passion, and began to pursue her music career in Bermuda. 


A few short years later, Brixx has opened for acts like Koffee and Monica.  She has performed for musical icons Keri Hilton and Anthony Hamilton.  Recently, Brixx released a song in the European market which has garnered over 400k views on Youtube. Brixx is passionate about the music industry in Bermuda, and inspiring the next generation of artists, therefore she started the Bermudian cypher series “The Foundation” which showcases local recording artists.

She recently Launched Bermudian Quizine, which are a taste of comedic relief. She and her partner seek out the best of the best in culinary foods and beverages that the island of Bermuda has to offer, and guess where the food has come from. Brizz is super talented and is using her voice to add spice to the entertainment scene in Bermuda. If you would like to connect with Brixx, you can find her on youtube:

and on Instagram at @Brixxtheartist and @Bermudianquizine

September 27, 2020

Episode 13: Design, Luxury Bags and Life experiences with Patrice Morgan

Bermuda Born is a luxury affordable leather handbag and accessories brand. Founded by designer Patrice Morgan, it is a reflection of how people live on the island of Bermuda.

“With the brand, I wanted it to be very colourful, I wanted it to invoke a sense of relaxation, I wanted to create products that travel well and to create a brand that could be synonymous with resort wear, “ said Morgan. “In terms of our leather goods, our style is a fusion of modern yet classic, something that is timeless and sustainable.”

Morgan, who has a background in magazine publishing, decided to change course and pursue her passion for fashion professionally by studying Fashion Design & Merchandising at Clark Atlanta University (US), and Product Design with a concentration in handbag design at the London College of Fashion (UK).


Design has always pulled her back in and thus the creation of Bermuda Born was inevitable. Morgan states, “I just think style and fashion is an immensely powerful tool, so in an unconscious way it has always appealed to me. When I was a teenager in secondary school, I took extracurricular sewing courses in the evenings. I liked that fashion allowed you to differentiate yourself from others and I saw how the way people dressed changed people’s moods and affected people’s opinions about others. It’s a way of communicating without explaining anything about yourself because your style tells people who you are when you make an entrance.”

Each item in the brand– ranging from the classic totes to elegant coin purses – is named after one of Bermuda’s 9 parishes or cultural landmarks, and they are all made of durable leather from Spain and Portugal. “We only source very high quality leather. We work with small factories and we produce small quantities at a time. We can be proud of the fact that we know exactly where our products come from, who creates it, who sews it, who cuts out the leather.

Therefore, Bermuda Born is not only a responsible, ethical and sustainable brand, it’s personal too, due to these combined factors.” Morgan designs her collection with an occasion in mind. You will find a handbag for a work event, a wedding or a casual weekend. The sights and experiences of international travel often spark creative ideas for her, although a prime source of inspiration is the Bermudian people, who she describes as “almost an endangered species” due to external influences on the

country’s population of merely 70,000.

Morgan notes, “Bermudians carry very unique characteristics. We’re very friendly and open, selfless and community-oriented. We have a lot of time for others and we’re very genuine people. With a Bermudian what you see is what you get.” Their special qualities also include an amazing sense of fashion she expressed. “I think it is a fusion of American and European style, but we put our own twist on it, and that to me is what makes it very worldly and very Bermudian

at the same time. We like a lot of bright colours because our environment is very bright, so I think that’s what sets us a part.”


To learn more about our brand follow us on Instagram @bermudabornlabel or

September 11, 2020

Episode 12: Music at the Intersection of Truth Telling and Gratitude with Hana Bushara

Hana is a Bermudian singer and songwriter Hana Bushara was inspired to start writing songs for a final project under the mentor-ship of her English teacher Charlie Judd, who exposed her to artists that would become foundational inspirations to the beginnings of her musical journey. At 16, she was awarded the United World College scholarship in Bermuda and was granted the opportunity to finish her high school studies in Duino, Italy for two years. There, came to know and love students from over 90 different countries, allowing her to foster a better understanding of the world and its colorful contexts.

The21- year old was the winner of Heather Nova’s Young Songwriter Competition, where she was coached by Heather and had the opportunity to perform her original song “Seeds” at the Bermuda Festival in 2019. Earlier this year, she opened one of the festival concerts with Derek G and performed 4 of her original songs. Although still young, Hana’s writing has taken her on several musical journeys and she has been able to perform in open mics in Bermuda, Italy, Denmark, and the U.S. She is currently double majoring in Global Studies and Sociology at St. Lawrence University, where she is also a member of the University’s chamber choir, funk ensemble, and the lead singer of the band H.U.A.C. She thinks telling stories in her music makes up for difficulty she finds in doing it conversationally. She uses singing to build, to confront, and to connect. She sights some of her biggest musical influences as Ms. Lauryn Hill, Moses Sumney, Leonard Cohen, Tracy Chapman and Jordan Rakei.


If you would like to connect with Hana you can find on her instagram @HanaBusharaMusic

August 28, 2020

Episode 11: Dancing as Storytelling with Rikkai Scott

Rikkai Scott started dance at the age of 4 at United Dance Productions.  After his time at UDP he fulfilled his professional training  graduating from London Contemporary Dance School (The Place) in 2012 with a (BA) Hons in Fine Arts.  During his studies at The Place,  Rikkai was awarded full-time scholarships from 5 different  Bermudian organisations  to support his training and  career as a professional dancer.

​In 2016, Rikkai founded BDblaq Dance where he currently serves as the artistic director. BDblaq experiments with tap,  hip hop and contemporary disciplines to form BDblaq's signature style tap fusion dance. BDblaq tour works utilise outdoor spectrums and immersive theatre productions to inspire, empower and tell significant stories and life experiences through dance theatre.  In 2018,  BDblaq Dance's first short work SENSE embarked on a tour, touring 7 venues both nationally (UK) and internationally.  During Rikkai's first touring project was commissioned by Bermuda Cultural Affairs.  During the tour, bdblaq delivered 2 full day workshops to young people from ages 11yrs - adults. The tour also traveled to  Festival 10 Sentidos competition, where SENSE placed a semi-finalist  at the La Rambleta Theatre in Valencia. His work as a freelance artist has included solo work with  Carifesta Festival 2017 in Barbados.


Rikkai has worked with numerous companies such as Boy Blue Entertainment performing at Nostos Festival, Jean Abreu (A Thread), 201 Dance Company (Smoother) and  MCDC. In 2017, Rikkai was selected workshop tour instructor for Avant Garde Dance's (Fagin Twist) production and he is the core Hip Hop tutor at DanceEast.  Rikkai has a passion for supporting other groups, facilities, communities, young and professional artists who are keen to develop their skills as dance artists. Rikkai embodies creativity and has used his passion through dance for purpose and storytelling  


If you would like to connect with Rikkai, you can find him online at or on Instagram and kai_4sure .

August 21, 2020

Episode 10: Creative Dreams bigger than Humble Origins with Shantia Seymour

Shantia Seymour is a Bermuda born, London based fashion editor and stylist. Throughout high school she tried to figure out how to morph together her love for literature and fashion which bloomed into becoming a fashion writer. She interned for many locals who taught her different aspects of the industry to see where she fit in best - from purse making, fashion writing, garment sewing and editorial styling. After graduating with a degree in Journalism & Fashion Styling she stayed in London to pursue her dreams. For a moment she dipped into the world of textiles and created a line called House of Aiyanna that embodied vintage Bermuda. From a small island girl to now having features in Essence & Man Repeller she urges everyone to follow their dreams because your origin is never too small and dreams are never too big.


If you would like to connect with Shantia, you can find her on instagram @shantia.aiyanna

August 14, 2020

Episode 09: Multimedia Art Practice : Healing Communities through Art with Ami Zanders

Ami Zanders is a Bermudian multimedia artist, currently based in Liverpool UK. She has been an enthusiastic and unconventional artist since the age of two years old when she made her first masterpiece on the living room wall with crayons.  Since then, Ami has explored countless other art mediums, including; silkscreen, intaglio, weaving, painting, papermaking, and metal work.


An honors graduate of  International Fine Arts College and Kean University,  Ami works intuitively using bright colours, mix mediums and themes from her childhood to create her art.


Zanders has been in countless art exhibits and has won a few awards while in the process.  In 2010 she won a Charmin Prize for Innovation at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. In 2013 Zanders won the City of Hamilton’s Art Festival Competition with her collaborative piece with fellow artist Milton Hill.  Zanders art installation, When the Bough Breaks, was featured in the Bermuda Biennial. When the Bough Break was also chosen by the Textile Museum of Canada to represent Bermuda at the 2015 Pan Am Games. Zanders is also the founder of the St. George's Art Walk and was the event's organiser between the years of 2011 - 2015.


Zanders has also volunteered her time teaching art at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute to service users with intellectual disabilities, service users recovering from mental illness as well as service users in addiction recovery. 


Zanders works mostly with textiles and screen printing. However, since arriving at Liverpool John Moore’s University in Liverpool, UK.  Zanders practice has shifted focus and she is currently exploring art performance, ritual, costume, video and sculpture. Ami is currently a volunteer at Bluecoat in Liverpool working with artists with intellectual disabilities. She also teaches classes as a guest art instructor for Red Cross's SNAP programme which supplies support for refugees and asylum seekers in Liverpool and Manchester. 


If you would like to connect with Ami, you can find her on Instagram at

August 7, 2020

Episode 08: Navigating Multi-passions in Life and Art with Vanessa Turner

Vanessa Turner is a multi-passionate multi-careerist. She is an artist, creativity coach and engineer.


She is a self-taught artist living and working on the beautiful island of Bermuda and primarily works in charcoal and pastel. She has been exhibiting professionally for a number of years and is the recipient of numerous awards. Her work is published internationally and she is represented in many private collections around the globe. Vanessa's latest solo exhibitions include 'Roots to Royalty in 2018 and 'Commonplace Beauty in 2015 which each received rave reviews.


Her painting techniques stem from trial and error. Over the years she has developed her own techniques which primarily encompass bits and pieces from the many approaches she has learned over time. Vanessa does not follow any particular school of thought and prefers to use painting techniques that are reliable yet fun.


In her work, she paints the harmony of the Afro Caribbean Culture & Mother Nature. She Writes her own blog, and helps women go from unfulfilled hobbyists to confident professional artists as a creativity coach.


You can find her online at

and on Instagram at


You can find Vanessa's Free Resources for artists here