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A podcast committed to the amplification of creative media by artist of the African Diaspora globally. Varied Voices and Images in Art.

Episode 11: Dancing as Storytelling with Rikkai Scott

August 28, 2020

Rikkai Scott started dance at the age of 4 at United Dance Productions.  After his time at UDP he fulfilled his professional training  graduating from London Contemporary Dance School (The Place) in 2012 with a (BA) Hons in Fine Arts.  During his studies at The Place,  Rikkai was awarded full-time scholarships from 5 different  Bermudian organisations  to support his training and  career as a professional dancer.

​In 2016, Rikkai founded BDblaq Dance where he currently serves as the artistic director. BDblaq experiments with tap,  hip hop and contemporary disciplines to form BDblaq's signature style tap fusion dance. BDblaq tour works utilise outdoor spectrums and immersive theatre productions to inspire, empower and tell significant stories and life experiences through dance theatre.  In 2018,  BDblaq Dance's first short work SENSE embarked on a tour, touring 7 venues both nationally (UK) and internationally.  During Rikkai's first touring project was commissioned by Bermuda Cultural Affairs.  During the tour, bdblaq delivered 2 full day workshops to young people from ages 11yrs - adults. The tour also traveled to  Festival 10 Sentidos competition, where SENSE placed a semi-finalist  at the La Rambleta Theatre in Valencia. His work as a freelance artist has included solo work with  Carifesta Festival 2017 in Barbados.


Rikkai has worked with numerous companies such as Boy Blue Entertainment performing at Nostos Festival, Jean Abreu (A Thread), 201 Dance Company (Smoother) and  MCDC. In 2017, Rikkai was selected workshop tour instructor for Avant Garde Dance's (Fagin Twist) production and he is the core Hip Hop tutor at DanceEast.  Rikkai has a passion for supporting other groups, facilities, communities, young and professional artists who are keen to develop their skills as dance artists. Rikkai embodies creativity and has used his passion through dance for purpose and storytelling  


If you would like to connect with Rikkai, you can find him online at or on Instagram and kai_4sure .