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Episode 13: Design, Luxury Bags and Life experiences with Patrice Morgan

September 27, 2020

Bermuda Born is a luxury affordable leather handbag and accessories brand. Founded by designer Patrice Morgan, it is a reflection of how people live on the island of Bermuda.

“With the brand, I wanted it to be very colourful, I wanted it to invoke a sense of relaxation, I wanted to create products that travel well and to create a brand that could be synonymous with resort wear, “ said Morgan. “In terms of our leather goods, our style is a fusion of modern yet classic, something that is timeless and sustainable.”

Morgan, who has a background in magazine publishing, decided to change course and pursue her passion for fashion professionally by studying Fashion Design & Merchandising at Clark Atlanta University (US), and Product Design with a concentration in handbag design at the London College of Fashion (UK).


Design has always pulled her back in and thus the creation of Bermuda Born was inevitable. Morgan states, “I just think style and fashion is an immensely powerful tool, so in an unconscious way it has always appealed to me. When I was a teenager in secondary school, I took extracurricular sewing courses in the evenings. I liked that fashion allowed you to differentiate yourself from others and I saw how the way people dressed changed people’s moods and affected people’s opinions about others. It’s a way of communicating without explaining anything about yourself because your style tells people who you are when you make an entrance.”

Each item in the brand– ranging from the classic totes to elegant coin purses – is named after one of Bermuda’s 9 parishes or cultural landmarks, and they are all made of durable leather from Spain and Portugal. “We only source very high quality leather. We work with small factories and we produce small quantities at a time. We can be proud of the fact that we know exactly where our products come from, who creates it, who sews it, who cuts out the leather.

Therefore, Bermuda Born is not only a responsible, ethical and sustainable brand, it’s personal too, due to these combined factors.” Morgan designs her collection with an occasion in mind. You will find a handbag for a work event, a wedding or a casual weekend. The sights and experiences of international travel often spark creative ideas for her, although a prime source of inspiration is the Bermudian people, who she describes as “almost an endangered species” due to external influences on the

country’s population of merely 70,000.

Morgan notes, “Bermudians carry very unique characteristics. We’re very friendly and open, selfless and community-oriented. We have a lot of time for others and we’re very genuine people. With a Bermudian what you see is what you get.” Their special qualities also include an amazing sense of fashion she expressed. “I think it is a fusion of American and European style, but we put our own twist on it, and that to me is what makes it very worldly and very Bermudian

at the same time. We like a lot of bright colours because our environment is very bright, so I think that’s what sets us a part.”


To learn more about our brand follow us on Instagram @bermudabornlabel or