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A podcast committed to the amplification of creative media by artist of the African Diaspora globally. Varied Voices and Images in Art.

Episode 16: Art as Showcase with Neal Jhay Morris

November 28, 2020

This podcast episode is sponsored by The Catapult Caribbean Artist Showcase Grant. made possible by the American Friends of Jamaica, Fresh Milk Barbados, and Kingdom Creative. Thank you 

NealJhay a native artist of Bermuda, has embraced the artistic passion which is his drive to continue his art journey. NealJhay always carried a notebook and pencil case around with him, just in case an idea sparked in his head. After watching so many cartoons and drawing them, tracing them, he branched out to creating his own characters and even naming them. As he went through middle school and high school, his passion for art and creating grew. He attended Bermuda College, graduating with an Associates in Art and Design then continued his journey to Savannah College of Art And Design.


Due to unfortunate circumstances, he was unable to complete my studies, causing him to return back to Bermuda. “It was a bitter way for me to return to back home. As devastated as I was, I had to keep it pushing and find new avenues to venture through life!” NealJhay was able to pick up his art when he returned which led him to the Charman Prize Art Competition, hosted by Masterworks.


Masterworks awarded him the chance to feature his artwork in Homer’s Cafe which was the beginning of his art journey. This was the birth of his first showcase “Abstractuality.”   

“The amount of love and support I received from the Charman Prize and Abstractuality was enough to keep my motivation going.” The second showcase “Tra Si Efil” which is “Art Is Life” backwards was a collaborative showcase that featured 5 other local artists. 

After hosting two successful showcases, NealJhay continued to create and put a twists on his solo showcases by including models and presenting them to the crowd. “I wanted to showcase my art a little bit different from the usual ‘on the wall, come look at me’ presentation.” The showcases have been well received by the public and continuously grows. “Naked Canvas, Archipelago, No Name No Title were mind-blowing to my friends, family, continued supporters and new supporters.”

Daybreak, the most recent showcase which took place on October 4th, was a showcase that shifted his artwork and showcases to a whole new level. “To see people not only accept my presentation, but to see audience members smiling hard, proud of me, crying tears of joy or even relating to the theme was humbling.”

After closing Daybreak, NealJhay’s mind has been working towards the next showcase and near future plans, including branding. “While I continue on this journey, I will keep experiencing and expressing my emotions into my art, the good and bad. This is not only for me, but for the ones I love and aspiring creatives looking to start their creative journey.”

If you would like to connect with NealJhay you can find him on Instagram at