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A podcast committed to the amplification of creative media by artist of the African Diaspora globally. Varied Voices and Images in Art.

July 24, 2020

Episode 07: Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway with Jayde Gibbons

In Episode 07 we're in conversation with Bermudian Photo Journalist, Jayde Gibbons !


Jayde Gibbons is the self taught photographer behind the lens of Queendom Heights Photography. Growing up in a family home in St. Georges, her family realized she had artistic abilities from an early age. As she  grew older, she realized that the Bermuda she knew wasn’t the same Bermuda that was being showcased to the world. Her work quickly went from hobbyist to professional as she developed her craft and sharpened her eye. She was behind the lens with purpose, which can be attributed to much of her success. 


Jayde noticed a discrepancy in imagery of Bermuda, both mentally and physically. She believes that Bermuda is way more than the pink sand paradise that is pushed to the masses. She believes that the beauty of Bermudian people and the vibrant culture should be celebrated and has made it her mission to do so. Her work highlights the importance of togetherness and camaraderie within our communities. 

In February 2019, Masterworks museum hosted their first 441 showcase, where Jayde was one of the featured artists. Jayde was the winner of Charman prize 2019. She is also an exhibiting artist in the 2020 Bermuda Biennial. And the winner of the Best of Bermuda Photography award. The main goal of her work is to instill a sense of pride in Bermudian people, by showing Bermuda the way we see it, minus the pink sands.


If you would like to connect with Jayde, you can find her on Instagram @queendom_heights

July 17, 2020

Episode 06: Dream Chasing & Release of ‘Tired Feet Single’ with Jo-1

This week we're in conversation with Jo-1 !

Joanne Ball – Burgess (B.A., M.Ed) , is a resident of Nairobi, Kenya & citizen of the world. 

She was born and raised in Bermuda.

Better known by her stage name Jo-1,  is a multitalented dancerShe is a choreographer, singer, songwriter, author and educator.

She is also a certified yoga instructor , her unique approach to yoga-dance integration is taught regularly in Nairobi and during the Lamu Yoga Festival for the past 4 consecutive years.

She expresses herself through jazz funk, hip- hop afro-fusion, dancehall and dance fitness. She has formal training in West African Dance, Modern Contemporary dance, Lyrical & Ballet. She also has training in East African traditional dances, Hip Hop & Dancehall and  Musical Theatre. Joanne believes that dance is a gift of freedom through movement. Jo-1’s main goal has always been to bring health, clarity and healing through dance to the observer and the participant.

Jo-1’s has bee a member of several dance companies in the in the US, where she performed and traveled. . And She has performed and taught dance globally in countries such & performed in the USA, Israel, Cyprus, Egypt, Bermuda, Uganda & Kenya.


In 2008, She earned her Master’s in Education.  Her research investigated how dance, music and drama can enhance the learning model in school curricula. This led her to found The Cottage School which is an alternative learning space for students in Nairobi back in 2015.


She is the longest serving female judge for East Africa’s widely acclaimed dance

competition show “Sakata Mashariki” on Citizen TV.  Jo-1 emerged as the unparalleled breath of fresh air the dance industry lacked, in Kenya, thus she generated a beloved fan base. Today she released her new single Tired Feet, which you can find a link to in the description box below 

Joi-1 is an inspiration for those interested in carving out a space for themselves as a multi passionate artist. She has shown that playing small does not serve the world.

Check out her new song Tired Feet, here

 If you would like to connect with Jo-1 you can find her on youtube @ JO-1 and on Instagram @jo1Bermudian

July 10, 2020

Episode 05: A Musical Journey: Keeping Happiness First with Derek G

Born in a musical household, son of the legendary guitarist Derek Simmons Sr., Derek G. is no stranger to the stage. Since the age of 6, Derek G. has been immersed in music whether it’s behind the scenes producing, writing, and recording, or front and centre in the spotlight performing live and directing. He has always thrived in his creativity. 

Mentored by West African drum masters, Bermuda’s finest engineers, and musicians, Derek G. has gone on to write and produce many records and hit songs for local musicians and artists. He has also taken the local entertainment scene by storm by founding Bermuda’s award-winning music giant D.I.A. in 2010, completing two international tours with The Chewstick Foundation and performing at almost every stage possible in Bermuda. 

He has recently initiated a solo project series featuring Bermuda’s top musical talents in a raw, uncut style of performance titled #IOVibesWDerekG 

Whether he’s performing bass or percussions Derek G. continues to enchant us with his new, ever-evolving skills and sounds.It was such an honor to be in conversation with Derek G.  He has contributed love and unwavering commitment to the Bermuda music community  in Bermuda

Instagram: @DerekG.BDA

Twitter: TheRealDerekG

ALL DSPs: Derek G. 


July 3, 2020

Episode 04: Color-FULL Fulfillment through Art and Community with Shanna Hollis

On this episode we sat down with Shanna Hollis, a Bermudian contemporary designer and multidisciplinary artist who lives and works on island.

We discuss her experiences growing up in Bermuda. How she made the decision to study graphic Her work pays tribute to her island, the community, her identity and experiences. Shanna was inspired to begin her creative journey at a young age from her brother Nahshon Hollis who is a professional oil painter.She later earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Maryland Institute College of Art.

Hollis’ artwork has been shown in various exhibitions in Baltimore and Bermuda, including the “BSOA Graphic Design Showcase 2018’ where she was awarded the Graphic Design Prize and two Charman Prize Exhibitions. Her Bermuda fashion collection, “21 Miles” gained international recognition in the spring of 2018 when published by Footwear News Magazine. Currently, Hollis’ work can be seen in local brands and various gallery openings island-wide.

Connect with Shanna through her website at 

Or online on Instagram @shannahollisdesigns

June 26, 2020

Episode 03: Trailblazing Locally and Globally: Affirming I will Not Make Boring Art with Dr. Edwin smith

Dr. Edwin M. E. Smith, is a Bermudian artist and art educator. His mixed media artwork and illustrations can be found in collections internationally and has been included in Biennial Exhibitions hosted by the Bermuda National Gallery.

His professional experience includes corporate graphic design and three decades of teaching studio art and art history from elementary school through university levels. Since 1998, He has taught in the Art & Design Program at Bermuda College. 

He is the author of two books, which are vital to Bermudian art History “image Making and the Bermudian artist and Paw Paw Bermuda which is a book, he co authors with his family. He presently serves on the Acquisition and  Exhibition Committee for the Bermuda National Gallery. He is also the Chairman for the Bermuda Society of Arts Bursary Awards. 

His work embraces a post colonial focus. He responds to his environments  untold stories and topical issues occurring in Bermuda, with the understanding that they reflect universal themes.  His mixed media works are visual  commentary and provides critique of social realities Through , acrylic, charcoal, photography, collage and three-dimensional components.

For the past seven years, his palette has been mostly black and white, contrasting values and documentary contribution. His work  is an ongoing exploration of identity and place. He has made significant contribution to Bermuda arts education and Bermudian art history .

You can connect with Dr. Smith on Instagram at 

June 17, 2020

Episode 02: Collectively Radiate: Intentional Messaging in Art with Calix Smith

In this episode of Art Affects, we sat down with Bermudian Contemporary Conceptual Artist Calix Smith.

His works add to the tapestry of cultural experiences that make up the African Diaspora, by creating art through an Afro-Bermudian lens. He investigates through his paintings and installations, divisions and polarity Afro Bermudians navigate, and examines the relationship these dualities have with proximity.  His work is a dialogue that approaches a willingness to broach polarizing issues within the Afro-Bermudian community  with vulnerability, intimacy, and empathy.

 Join us as we discuss the importance of Intentional messaging in art, and how this can be used a powerful medium to communicate thoughts and ideas around social commentary. He highlights How the experiences of people throughout the diaspora are interconnected. we also talk about what it was like for him growing up in Bermuda, and how this has has informed his artistic hand. He also talks about how we can using past experiences of loved ones to understand our current contemporary issues. 


Reference Material 

1. April Branco is a Bermudian painter who is known for her narrative painting of Bermuda's Cultural Gombeys 

2. Ernest Cole is South African Photographer who photographed Apartheid South Africa

3. Ai Wei Wei is a Chinese contemporary artist, active in sculpture, installation, architecture, curating, photography, film, and social-political artworks 

3. Gibbet Island Bermuda is a small island in Bermuda that was used to publicly torture Afro-Bermudians during Slavery

4. SUNU Journal : is a Journal of African Thought, Critical Affairs & Aesthetics 

June 11, 2020

Episode 01: Confetti Dreams, My Journey To Becoming an Artist

On the first Episode on the Podcast, I share my rollercoaster story of how I decided I wanted to be an artist. I discuss how fear was a part of my journey and how it almost stopped me from becoming the creative Artprenuer I am today. Please visit my website if you'd like to check out my work. 

Peace and Blessings xo 

June 8, 2020

Intro to Art Affects

Welcome to the Art Affects Podcast!

We are excited for the journey ahead ! We are dedicated to the amplification of creative media by diverse artists throughout the African diaspora globally. Varied voices and images in Art.

Every other week I will be in conversation with a black intellectuals, thought leaders, and contemporary artist working in various genres.

Thank you for joining us! 

Peace and Blessings